On Thursday, President Biden said that tomorrow, which is the 58th Day of Biden’s Administration, he will deliver the promise that he made during his electoral campaign to administer 100 million covid vaccine doses in the first 100 days of the presidency. If it happens so, the President will be fulfilling the promise 40 days earlier than the time he promised.

President Biden believes these shots of 100 million vaccines are about saving millions of lives and giving hope to countless numbers of people. In a statement that came from the White House, Biden asserted that the best way to fight the new variants of the coronavirus is immunization.

The President has also urged his public to keep playing their part and keep their guards. He said that wearing the mask and social distancing need to be followed until the nation achieves herd immunity.

President Biden has said that this is a time for optimism and relaxation.

Latest Developments

  • On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency said that the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is effective and safe, however, they cannot rule out a link between rare blood clots and the vaccine. It is said that the vaccine will be available with a warning so that healthcare providers and the public are aware of what to watch for.
  • According to the CDC, in the USA 66% of adults, aged 65 or older, have got at least one shot of the covid vaccine.
  • Anthony Fauci has said that in order to achieve herd immunity, 70 to 85% of the US population needs to get vaccinated. According to him, vaccination is the quickest and the best way to stop the spread of the deadly virus and its variants.
  • Britain and France’s Prime Minister are supposed to get the shot of Oxford-AstraZeneca on Friday. European governments are now seeking to boost people’s trust in the vaccine after its suspension for about a week.
  • Xavier Becerra has now been positioned to lead the Department of Health and Human Services which has a pivotal standing for Biden’s goal of defeating the Coronavirus and expanding healthcare services.
  • Mexico will be supplied excess doses of the corona vaccine as agreed by the Biden Administration. The decision to send the vaccine to Canada and Mexico is expected to be disclosed on Friday.