Larry King, in a career spanning five decades, has interviewed over 50,000 people which is a record in itself. The talk-show legend is famous not only in the US but also across the world for his unique interviewing approach. He has been hospitalized for a few days and this full of life man passed away at the age of 87.

The fans around the world are devastated on hearing this news as they were looking forward to him getting better.

He was not feeling well especially after being tested positive for COVID-19, but the cause of his death is still not known. The news of his passing was announced via his official account, which many initially believed to be a rumor.

The reason behind his fanbase in every country is that he has interviewed locals from different nationalities across the world. This makes the people of that country relate to his show on a personal level and thus justifying his fanbase.

Like every other celebrity in New York, Larry King started from the very bottom and rose in the ranks. He started his career early in the 1950s from radio and later joined television in 1985.

He was the host of CNN’s show, which became one of the longest-running programs in the history of the channel. One can name any person who was famous in their time and Larry King must have interviewed them.

His show rose in the ranks because of his approach towards the interviews as he also called upon the infamous people on his show. King’s life was always highlighted in the newspapers because of his scandals about gambling and marriages.

Another reason for his show being one of the most anticipated ones is because of how the guests expressed themselves. He never asked his guests to speak about their personal lives openly, but his guests would open up about themselves eventually.

He always told the media that he never prepares for the interviews beforehand and asked spontaneously. He would be direct in his questions without even knowing their achievements himself and did not hesitate at all.

Gambling was one activity that took his life savings at a point and he went bankrupt as a result of this habit. He was always drawn to lavish cars and clothing which he could not afford unless he paid through credit cards.