Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child and has become overly sensitive to the presence of intruders and stalkers.

On Sunday night, an obsessive fan-cum-stalker tried to break into the house of Kylie Jenner.

Jrue Mesgan broke into the house while trying to enter and stalk the starlet. Mesgan was charged in June also after visiting Jenner multiple times. The psychopath had a history of visiting and stalking her on her exclusive property.

According to reports, despite the court ban on Mesgan. He approached her exclusive property all the way to the gate.

The bodyguards of Kylie Jenner immediately contacted the police which promptly arrested the intruder before he could flee from the scene.

 The so-called fan who has become more like a headache for Kylie Jenner, was charged for stalking as well as breaking the court order. He is said to remain in custody. He will be granted bail against $20,000. He will be presented for a trial again.

Stardom comes with a heavy price to pay. Being famous comes with its own shadows and highlights. You might have a huge fan following but at times there are people who can turn this simple fandom into severe obsession giving birth to psychopaths.

Kylie Jenner has been no exception. She has been overly affected by stalkers at different stages of life but this time she has been extremely cautious because of her pregnancy.

The business mogul had another stalker come to her place only last month presenting her flowers while trying his best to propose to her. Unfortunately, this stalker mistook the house and knocked at the neighbors who informed the police immediately. And got him arrested.

Jrue Mesgan was charged for violating restraining orders as well as violating a court order.

Both counts are known to be misdemeanors.