Kunal Nayyar celebrated 10 years of marriage with model wife Neha Kapur. He expressed that he feels lucky to celebrate his marriage with one of the most beautiful women on earth.

The 40-year-old star posted a heartfelt message on Instagram in honor of his 10th anniversary. Kunal Nayyar also shared a beautiful snippet of the model dancing to Justin Wellington’s tune “Iko Iko”.

“We may be unconventional, but I remembered how we promised to not live our lives according to someone else’s version of it,” Nayyar wrote in the caption.

“Cheers to you, champion, partner, best friend. Whatever is to come, I am lucky we have tomorrow. Happy 10th,” he concluded.

Neha Kapur reciprocated the love on her own Instagram handle by sharing two cute romantic pictures of the couple while commemorating the 10 years milestone.

“Like rivers.. we chose our own paths and come back to merge as one,” she wrote alongside them, adding, “22.12.2021 Happy 10 my love”.

The former Miss India also shared another picture of the pair vacationing at the beach on her Instagram Stories with the caption “10 years.”

The couple got married back in 2011 in a lavish and extravagant wedding in Neha’s hometown New Delhi, India.

They tie the knot in front of 1000 guests as the marriage functions lasted over six days.

Nayyar exclaimed while getting married that his wife “unlocked something in me that I had never felt before.”

Kunal Nayyar had termed his marriage festivities as “quite hectic” as they lasted over a week and included exchanging the vows, henna tattoos, and the garland rituals.

 Nayyar held a cup with a white lotus flower at the actual wedding. “I dipped the flower in purified water and then threw it into the fire,” he stated.

Kunal Nayyar rose to fame with his role of Raj Koothrappali in the famous The Big Bang Theory for all the 12 seasons lasting from 2007 to 2019. His role earned him immense recognition as well as SAG award nominations.

The actor wrote in his biography “how this nerdy guy came to marry a beautiful former Miss India.”

” ‘She’s an ex-Miss India. You need to meet her,’ said my cousin,” the actor wrote in the book of being set up with his wife while home in New Delhi for Christmas in 2008. ” ‘Ex? Can’t you introduce me to the current one?’ I joked.’ “

“We talked about our childhoods in New Delhi. Gradually, I think she could tell I was not a creep and she began to open up,” continued the star, about their first meeting. “There was something beautiful about the rawness of her emotion. I had known her for two hours, and I was getting hooked.”