A couple is dead and many are under treatment due to the recent mass shooting at a Kroger store in Collierville. Thursday afternoon, while people were doing their grocery shopping at the local store, an armed man came and shot several people before shooting himself.

Brignetta Dickerson, a worker at Kroger, told police the shooting started in the Deli aisle when she was at the cash register. She along with some coworkers tried to hide but the shooter turned up, shooting people directly. “He kept on shooting, shooting, shooting, he shot one of my coworkers in the head and then shot one of the customers in the stomach, and then my other customer got kind of like cuts because of the asphalt,” said Dickerson.

Law enforcement agencies including the FBI are working to find out the motive, but it remains unknown. The Kroger staff and customers simultaneously were shaken, half of them severely injured were immediately transferred to the hospital. A couple of witnesses from the scene identified the shooter himself as a Kroger employee.

Olivia King has been identified as the only casualty, apart from the shooter himself. The town seems to be shaky and in mourning, as well as fear of public safety.

“We’ve deployed our evidence response team which has a lot of experience processing these scenes. They’re here, they’re inside the store processing the evidence. Additionally, we’ve brought our victims specialists who have come and are providing assistance to the victim of the crime.” said FBI officer Douglas Korenski. The investigation is underway, as there has been no statement from the Kroger management about the killer’s relationship with the company.