“I felt like I had that, and it was a really beautiful feeling,” Kristen Stewart reflects on the ‘Superpower’ of Princess Diana that she got to experience while portraying her!

During her interview with People, the Oscar nominee talked for the first time about her role in Spencer, saying, “Diana Spencer made people feel good,” and she portrayed the late princess “at a time that was hard and tumultuous and sad, but she also has this unstoppable light.”

“And to even attempt to try and touch that, I learned a lot, but specifically, I felt like I was allowed to grow as a person,” shared the American actress who was rumored to marry Dylan Meyer. “Even if it was in my imagination and I was completely convincing myself that suddenly I had this superpower that she had, which was to make people feel good.”

 “While we made the movie, I felt like I had that, and it was a really beautiful feeling” she continued saying.

Stewart seems to feel fortunate for playing the late royal’s role. During her interview, she expressed how much she loves the movie’s plot, specifically, “If you can’t show yourself and you have a cut-off portal to your life.”

“Diana, especially in the time that we deal with her, she’s very muzzled,” Stewart explained. “The opportunity to have this exchange, it is not lost on me any second of any day how cool that is.”

Not just that, the American actress and model who rose to fame for her role as Bella in Twilight gave a shout out to her costumes for the movie as she said, “Sometimes, wardrobe can feel like wardrobe — you know that every pocket doesn’t necessarily work, or if something’s built … you feel in costume.”

“I never felt like I was in costume, and [she’s] the most extreme character I’ve ever played,” said Kristen Stewart. “And she expressed herself in the things she put on her body. Sometimes it was armor, sometimes it was to ruffle people’s feathers.”

Kristen Stewart expressed gratitude for being nominated for her first-ever Academy Award for her role in Spencer.

“It’s incredibly surreal — I never imagined myself in this arena,” said the actress. “I would make movies for free.”