Kwon Mina is often termed as – the scandal queen and rightly so as she is almost always in news because of newfound controversies.

Kwon Min-ah more popularly known as Mina is a former member of hugely popular Kpop girl band AOA. She had accused a band member Shin Ji-min in 2020 of bullying her for about a decade and claimed that she also became suicidal because of Shin Ji-min’s behavior with her.

Kwon Mina said that bullying from Shin Ji-min was the mere reason why she left the group in 2019 and even tried to commit suicide.

Shin Ji-min aggressively denied the allegations but later on said goodbye to the entertainment industry for good. There was no resolution recorded regarding the controversy which encircled the allegations of bullying.

Kwon Mina is back in the news after she accused a man in his 20s of sexually assaulting her

According to some insider reports, it is known that the alleged man in question is a married celebrity with 3 children.

The case was immediately taken into consideration by the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency and after more than 2 months an update is here.

According to the report, Kwon Mina’s case has been taken up for detailed and complete investigation by the prosecutors over the charges of sexual assault.

If proven guilty, the said accused may end up in jail for life imprisonment.

Kwon Mina shared the horrific episode of sexual assault with the police department of Busan and the official complained about the man who is said to be in his 20s.

The officials conducted a detailed investigation and charged the man with charges of injury and rape.

The Investigation Unit stated “A lot of time passed and since the victim said the crime was in 2007, it was difficult to prove the charges. The accused has been proven guilty by convicting him on the charges against him and on the basis of the people around him, including his acquaintances from that time (2007).”

Kwon Mina wrote a long post on Instagram after she got the update regarding her complaint. She stated “The damage that happened in Busan when I was in middle school was a lot for me but I was helped by a lot of my friends, older brothers, and sisters around me. I also brought out my memories and witnesses from back then and submitted a lot of evidence that will help prove him guilty.” Mina continued, “The statute of limitations is until 2023, and I honestly don’t expect what will happen. I am now just waiting to see what kind of judgment the higher authorities will make. I hope he receives the punishment he deserves.”