As per the documents received by People, Broward County judge issued a warrant for the Grammy Award nominee, on Friday after he was found positive for fentanyl during a pre-trial drug test in this month.

Kodak Black, whose actual name is Bill Kapri, reportedly failed another drug test five days after he first failed a random drug and alcohol test on February 3. According to the judge’s warrant, Black must be detained without bond until his court hearing on April 6.

In July of last year, Black was arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on charges of oxycodone trafficking and possession of a prohibited narcotic. He posted $75,000 bond and was freed.

An expired license and vehicle registration prompted police to pull over.

Police examined the car after detecting the odor of marijuana and reportedly discovered approximately $75,000 and a tiny clear bag having 31 oxycodone tablets.

His attorney Bradford Cohen told at the time that they would “move forward with resolving the matter quickly.”

“Never judge a case based on an arrest,” added Cohen. “There are facts and circumstances that give rise to a defence, especially in this case.”

Kodak Black has a checkered criminal background and was most recently arrested on New Year’s Day for trespassing in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. In addition, in February 2016, claims surfaced that he had sexually abused a juvenile girl. Later, Kodak Black negotiated a compromise to lower his original 10-year prison term for first-degree assault and battery to 18 months on probation.