According to the investigations completed by The National Transportation Safety Board, the helicopter crash in which Kobe Bryant died was caused by the pilot’s disorientation

The NBA star died in the accident on January 26, 2020. He was accompanied by his daughter Gianna. Other eight people aboard also lost their lives.

The investigators have revealed that the pilot was trained to get away from dense clouds, but he did not comply with the instructions.

Right before the crash, the pilot assumed that his helicopter was emerging from dense clouds when it was descending before crashing into a hillside in Southern California.

More than a year has passed since the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. The news of his death had left everyone in disbelief and surprise.

There was probably greater pressure on the pilot to complete the trip despite harsh weather conditions. Usually, the pilots who accompany the same customer, again and again, build a good relationship with the client and act as they say.

The mysterious descent was incorrectly perceived by the pilot as ascend. The helicopter crashed into a hillside after the disorientation of the pilot.