The 40 years old Kim Kardashian wore a Balenciaga black gown which covered her entire face. She was vehemently referred to as a dementor from the Harry Potter series whereas some critics stated that her choice of unusual costume suggests that she has made peace with the new album of her ex-husband –Donda

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was “In America: A lexicon of fashion” and Kim Kardashian West was criticized for her choice of dress which was not aligned with the theme.

Kim took over her Instagram and posted in her defense that “what’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!” She further exclaimed that her outfit was the perfect example of “American independence” as she wore a largely fitted t-shirt dress which was incorporated with a matching jumpsuit, pants leggings, jersey gloves, and boots. The only thing sneaking out of the Balenciaga dress was her ponytail even though her face was entirely covered by a mask.

A source stated that Kim intended to introduce a new cultural range in the world of fashion by making a personal statement. She intends to introduce a new subculture that will have no logo or a face but everyone around would understand easily that it is her.

“Kanye gave her the courage to push creativity and people’s imagination through art. It’s the ultimate confidence.

A close source to Kim Kardashian West stated that her body-hugging Balenciaga dress was echoing her understanding and support to her ex-husband. “Even though Kanye is not attending tonight, his presence will be felt on the carpet. It was him who introduced Kim to Demna and was instrumental in the newly formed relationship between her and Balenciaga.”

Kim Kardashian earlier exclaimed that she is at that point of life where “as long as I’m myself and as long as I’m doing it the way that I want to do, like, you have one life and you’re living it for you. That taught me to just, I think, be more confident in myself and truly not care as much of what other people thought.”