An unexpected meeting with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian West occurred during a morning drink stop in LA for one fortunate traveler!

Paul Barewijk, a Dutch music journalist who chronicled his encounter on social media with the couple, tells PEOPLE through Instagram that he met the couple on Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel while on vacation in Los Angeles from Amsterdam.

Barewijk recalls that he first observed the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live comic while drinking his morning tea and speaking on the phone with his mother at the hotel bar.

The music writer claims that just before the meeting, he took a few pictures in front of the Beverly Hills SKIMS pop-up shop. He said that he handed the images to a “beautiful” Kardashian West to break the ice, referring to their encounter as a “coincidence.”

He said that he solicited a photograph from her, to which Kim Kardashian humbly agreed. He requested that Pete snap the photograph. That is precisely what happened.

Barewijk subsequently expressed his joy on his Instagram account, where he uploaded the images.

He said that they seemed to be in good spirits, sat close to one another, and strolled away together. He said it seemed to be a date, noting that the pair lingered for a few moments before departing.

The two were photographed earlier this week in Santa Monica, California, enjoying a meal at the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi. They arrived at the posh restaurant in Davidson’s Lamborghini SUV, which was escorted by a bodyguard, according to images from the occasion.

On his neck, the actor from King of Staten Island looked to have a love bite. They later left the place hand in hand.