Khloe Kardashian is afraid of getting infected after the NBA star, Maralee, sued Canadian basketball player, Tristan Thompson for paternity.

According to the court filings, the two had been in a romantic relationship for five months. Khloe also admitted sleeping with him while the two public figures had been dating.

On the flip side,  Thompson who just had a child with Maralee admitted to his relationship with Khloe. However, he never mentioned the timeline of their relationship. And now he claimed his baby’s mother “put her at risk” as she had herpes.

Like everyone out there, Khloe Kardashian recently got to know about his ex’s infidelity through media. Later, the court’s documentation detailing his romantic relationship with the fitness coach was released.

Tristan Thompson explained the ordeal while Khloe has stayed quiet on social media. Recently, fans noticed that the reality show star had been spotted leaving vague remarks on social media regarding the ongoing situation. “A new baby mother went to Los Angeles to be with Tristan” she is astounded.

Later, Tristan Thompson opened about his secret relationship and revealed that Maralee had been suffering herpes, “Maralee’s ‘medical reason’ for inducing labour earlier this month, according to the Sacramento Kings athlete, was an STD”. The two welcomed a baby boy on Dec 1.

Allegedly, the reality star “is shaken by the news”. “Khloe suspected Tristan stepped out on her during Covid but did not know that he invited other women to his home until the legal documents were released.

“She sees his place as an extension of hers, and is mortified now that she knows the mother of his new baby spent time there.”

The insider further told the news outlets that, “He’s basically admitted that he was dealing with this other girl around Christmas, a time she feels is sacred to their relationship.”

“The truth is that she feels that she can’t take him back publicly even if she wanted to, because she fears there’ll just be another woman with another story and her family has basically forbidden it.”

Currently, Khloe Kardashian focuses on herself and hopes that she is safe from the virus. Fortunately, the two, Khloe and ex have been found safe, but they realize how risky it could be to be together.

Although Khloe holds a special spot for Tristan, “There’s no turning back,” said the insider. “She’s been filed for the last time and won’t let anyone put her happiness or health in danger.”