NAIROBI, Kenya – At least 10 people died on a highway in Kenya after their vehicle drove over an explosive device on Monday morning, reported an official from the northeast.

The deadly blast happened outside Mandera town, said George Seda, North Eastern regional commander. The authorities are still trying to confirm the exact number of individuals riding on the vehicle. The death toll can further rise as the authorities expect more people with severe injuries.

Police suspect Al-Shabaab extremists for placing the explosive device as they were operating in the region after crossing Somalia. They are typically blamed for such killing attacks in that region, targeting both civilians and security forces.

“#Kenya six people killed by suspected Al Shabaab roadside bomb and ambush eight kilometers from Mandera”, Tweet.

A police document regarding Monday’s alleged attack said, “the attackers fled toward the border”.

Monday’s brutal attack came following the Netherlands, Germany, and France issued warnings for terror alert in Kenya.

Earlier this month, the French embassy issued a warning of the possible attack on Western nationals residing in Kenya and alerted its citizens to remain extra vigilant.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands and German embassies also requested their nationals to stay on high alert. Kenya has been the target of several attacks from Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab affiliates ever since it has deployed its forces in Somalia to tackle the Islamist militants.