Kentucky tornado. All the emergency costs will be incurred by federal government

“We’re not going to leave. I promise you, the federal government is going to be involved until this gets rebuilt” says President Biden as Kentucky undergoes the process of rebuilding the state after the horrendous tornado destroyed the state resulting in 89 dead.

President Biden pledges that “the federal government will cover 100 percent of tornado emergency costs for 30 days.”

President Biden visited Kentucky to check out the carnage that took place in the state. The devastating tornado killed 89 people across the states of Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The death toll included 13 children as well.

Seventy-five people have been confirmed dead in the state of Kentucky alone as the massive tornado devastated the landscape for over 320 km.

The Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear stated “the death toll will undoubtedly rise as more than 100 people remain unaccounted for in the central and south regions.”

The president visited the state and talked to the Kentuckians stating “I’m here to listen.”

​​ “People just come out of nowhere to help as a community, and that’s what it’s supposed to be, that’s what America’s supposed to be.

“There’s no red tornadoes or blue tornadoes, there’s no red states or blue states when this stuff starts to happen. And I think, at least in my experience, it either brings people together or really knocks them apart and moving together here.”

Biden further added “I’ve instructed my team to make you all aware of everything that is available from a federal level.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for anything.”

“A lot of people are going through a God-awful mess now. And right now, they’re just recovering from the shock of it all. But in a month, in two months, in three months, when things are going to get really – they’re going to get really worried because they’re not – it’s not – can’t all be done that quickly,” he said.

“But we’re not leaving. We’re not going to leave. I promise you, the federal government is going to be involved until this gets rebuilt, this whole – not just here, but particularly here, but also the other states as well.”

President Biden concluded his trip at Dawson Springs by stating that “the scope and scale of the destruction are beyond belief. It’s incredible how y’all step up,” he told Kentuckians. “I’m going to make sure the federal government steps up.”