In recent bizarre celebrity news, Kelly Price who was reported missing in Atlanta after her release from the hospital has been declared ‘safe’ by her lawyer. According to NBC News, her attorney Monica Ewing said that she was never really missing but just staying quiet and being on her own. This happened a few days after Kelly Price was released from the hospital after being treated for Covid-19.

Despite the lawyer’s assurances, Price’s family doesn’t seem to be happy regarding her disappearance and ‘no contact’ move. Shanrae Cheree Price, Kelly Price’s sister, told reporters that her family was confused and scared because she has not contacted them for a month since she got released from the hospital.

“We haven’t seen her. We haven’t heard her. We don’t know where my sister is,” said Kelly Price’s sister in the same report. Sgt. Wayne Delk of Cobb County Police, where her missing person’s report was lodged, refused to talk about who reported it. There have been no other developments or evidence as authorities searched her house for investigation. The singer’s rumored boyfriend Terrel Barbers, was also interviewed for the case when she was first reported missing.

Kelly Price, 48, first informed her fans regarding her health in an Instagram post in which she talked about feeling ‘unwell’ and ‘achy’. No particular statement has since been made by the singer herself. Her last album, Grace, came out in April of this year.

“She was released from the hospital with Covid and she went to a quiet place and she’s trying to recover,” said lawyer Monica Ewing last Friday.