Bruce Willis retirement from the entertainment industry because of aphasia, came as a shock for a lot of people especially his fans but the people who had been in his close proximity, his family and his co-stars had seen it coming a long time ago.

Stuntwoman and actress Kelly Greyson is no exception as she has worked with the legendary Bruce Willis in the past and recently was last seen with him in Fortress: Sniper’s Eye which was shot about a year ago.

This film is a sequel to Fortress and features Chad Michael Murray and Jesse Metcalfe along with Willis.

Kelly Greyson is all praises about the actor and says that she can vouch for his professionalism and authenticity anytime both on and off the set.

Kelly Greyson said in a recent interview that she was unaware of the aphasia diagnosis of Bruce Willis when she was working with him but his retirement from the movies should be taken positively and everyone should remember what a legend Willis is.

“I have been privileged to work with him numerous times in the last couple of years. It was a gift to be able to get to know him as a person and see how authentically kind he is in real-life. The narrative about him right now should be about the amazing career he’s had,” Greyson said.

Kelly is a renowned stuntwoman and performs all the stunts herself. She said she had no clue about his neurological health when they were working.

“Thinking back, he was more down-to-earth and engaging and kind-hearted than I would have anticipated. A lot of times stardom gets to people’s heads. He definitely is super suave on camera but just in real life, he did embody those things. That’s a huge compliment to someone of that international notoriety for them to also just be a good human”

“As far as being on set and interacting with people, yes, he would hang out and watch on the screen. He’d watch some of the actors doing their roles. He’d sit and talk with the director. I think he interacted well just on a personal level with people,” Greyson said.

Bruce Willis’ family had announced last month in a statement that he has been diagnosed with aphasia and because of that, he will be taking a break from films. He is surrounded by his family and is currently doing better but this disease degenerates his ability of understanding, reading, and speaking gradually.