Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s divorce has been finalized almost two years after their separation.

The 39-year-old ‘Breakaway’ singer and her ex-husband have agreed to a court settlement on Tuesday as per the TMZ report.

“Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have FINALLY settled their bitter divorce case, and Kelly’s walking away with the lion’s share of assets, although he’s getting a pretty penny in support”, TMZ Tweeted.

The court’s settlement document reads that Kelly Clarkson will pay her former husband a hefty amount of $1.3 million along with monthly child support of $45,601 for their two children, Remington Alexander, 5, and River Rose, 7, which already started from Feb 1.

Clarkson has been given the primary custody of their children while her ex-husband will have the kids over for one weekend every month.

While the couple got joint custody for both children, River and Remington will live with their mom at her Los Angeles residence. Clarkson’s representative did not immediately respond to the request for comments.

The document further says that if Blackstock leaves their Montana ranch where he currently lives, the custody arrangement will be reconsidered. However, he can only stay there until June 1. “He must also pay his ex $12,500 per month in rent”, ruled the Los Angeles superior court judge on Tuesday.

In addition to that, the American Idol contestant will be paying her husband $115,000 per month for spousal support until January 2024.

Another stipulation of the document says that both the kids must be vaccinated as they will be traveling to another state to meet their father at their Montana house, where he is temporarily living.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock stayed married for 7 years and filed for divorce in June 2020. Last year, in July, Clarkson appealed to the court to be declared officially divorced as she and her husband “both deserve the opportunity to build a new life.”

Later that year, in August, Clarkson was officially declared single, according to the documents obtained by the news outlets.

She was ordered by the court to pay $$200,000 spousal support to Blackstock, which she stated she was “more than fine,” with. Later a source revealed to People, “She is doing great and facing forward,” at that time. “She’s enjoying the fact that she has the kids for the vast majority of the time and is enjoying time spent with them.”