A lot of columns have been written recently regarding the opportunity Mond has to take the next big step. There are so many articles that mention the same thing that it has become frustrating for the fans.

But the problem with Mond is that he plays good enough that makes people wonder before every match whether this could be the one where he comes forward with a blow. The same way his life changed in 2012, in Tuscaloosa. It’s just how amazing football is.

There was surely a comparison between Mond and Manziel when both rose to fame in 2012 but that comparison eventually faded as people understood that both the players cannot be compared as they are different.

With this, the name of Manziel did not fade away as he is still remembered as a legend during his time.

Mond’s career boosted mainly after the game against LSU. Some say that it might be due to poor officiating, but nevertheless, A&M managed to win the game. Then Kellen struggled in the game against Clemson in 2018 and A&M had to face defeat.

Despite all that, Kellen Mond is in a great position, and he is looking forward to becoming the 9th quarter to end his college career with 100 touchdowns. If the scheduled 12 games had been played, then Mond was expected to pass Tim Tebow and be at the 3rd place on the SEC all-time yardage list.

Kellen started the year with a mark of 12-0. But the part where the 21-year-old lacks is a way that he is unable to lead A&M to a 30-point effort in all of his career. Whereas a newbie, KJ Costello already reached that feat.

When it comes to Kellen Mond, it’s confusing. Some people are of the opinion that he is just a mediocre player whereas some say that he is a master of his game and there’s even evidence to support both the opinions.

It is up to the fans to believe what they think is right, but the 2020 season would determine how he is seen and hopefully, it’ll clear things up.