The candidates contesting the 2020 US elections made it an interesting affair and people around the world were eagerly waiting for the results. On one hand, we had Joe Biden as a presidential candidate, representing the Democratic Party. On the other hand, we had Donald Trump representing the Republican Party.

The way US elections work, make it quite unpredictable even though the electoral system is fool-proof and efficient. The popular vote does not always determine a winner for the elections, the Electoral College does.

The Electoral College has representatives of all the states and they vary in number for each state. When a presidential candidate wins the most votes in a state, its representatives automatically vote in his/her favor.

Previously, Hilary Clinton was up against Trump and she had the popular vote of the US citizens. But it was all in vain as Trump ended up winning states with a high number of representatives in the Electoral College.

On top of all of this, this year the US had some interesting presidential candidates too. The presidential debates carried out this year showed how turbulent these few weeks have been for the country.

Families were divided in terms of who they supported and voted for in this year’s elections, which increased hype. Social media was also very active as influential people, celebrities and others debated and defended the party they supported.

When the results finally came out and Joe Biden won the elections, his supporters showed extreme gratitude. While Trump supporters were not happy with the results and some even denied the results of the elections.

Katy Perry is one of the celebrities who have actively advocated for the party they support. Celebrities have constantly used social platforms and their influence to urge people to go and vote.

However, Perry received some backlash after she tweeted about supporting her family members who supported Trump. A blue-check Twitter user talked about how this election wasn’t just a matter of difference of opinion.

She went on to call it a fight against fascism and putting millions of people’s lives at stake. The Twitter user also labeled Katy Perry as a “white liberal” who enables racism.