Katy Perry is known as one of the best pop singers in the United States of America and worldwide. She has released some very famous albums and has millions of fans all over the world.

Katy Perry was pregnant a few months back and fans are as excited about her personal life as they are about her songs. Her social media has some posts about her being pregnant with a child and fans think she is very happy.

Perry is having a child with the famous actor Orlando Bloom and they seem to be very much in love. They both have not hesitated to show their excitement over the pregnancy when asked about it.

However, the pregnancy journey has come to an end and Katy just gave birth to her first child. They announced the birth of their daughter on social media with a heartfelt message to fans and loved ones.

She wrote that she and Orlando are above the clouds with joy and love and they think they are very lucky. She also said that her pregnancy has been very peaceful and that is rare in a lot of cases with people.

She mentioned the hardships that parents worldwide go through due to poverty and lack of resources. She talked about the fact that a pregnant woman or newborn baby dies due to a cause that could have been prevented.

This breaks her and Orlando Bloom’s heart especially now since they are parents too. They believe they can feel the pain of struggling parents and their empathy is with them.

On this note, she talked about both of them being UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors and knowing that UNICEF is helping people. UNICEF is providing people with resources and healthcare to ensure the survival of the people who struggle.

On the arrival of their daughter, Katy and Orlando are opening up a donation page which will help more and more people. This page will collect donations that will aid UNICEF in its mission to ensure a healthier world for all children.

Daisy Dove is the name given to Katy’s first child and Orlando’s second child. Orlando Bloom had a child, Flynn with Miranda Kerr nine years ago.