It’s true that you have to hustle harder and constantly at a time when your career seems to be picking up, but Katie Price seems to have taken that way too seriously with almost no break this year. The television and media personality that seems to pop up on our screens every now and then has had quite a happening year, and the worst of it could have meant death for her.

We already know our glamour model has previously been married thrice, but this year marked another interesting romantic endeavor as Katie Price announced her engagement to her boyfriend Carl Woods, after 10 months of dating. Talking about the proposal Price said, “We’d spoken about it a lot, so I knew he was going to, I just didn’t know when. It was amazing.”

We also know Katie Price to be nothing if not a conventional beauty upholder, therefore she underwent severe and grueling multiple plastic surgeries this year in Turkey including full body liposuction, a facelift, and fat injection into her bum. Price reportedly lost a lot of blood while on the operating table for these procedures so much so that she thought she “might die,” calling this her most “agonizing” experience ever.

“I’ve gone to hell and back, it was horrific — ‘Oh my God I look like a monster out of a horror movie.’ I just thought, ‘This is it, I’m going to die. I was terrified of looking like a freak, like that Bride of Wildenstein or a fake doll. I’ve woken up with holes and stitches all over my body,” said Katie Price about her surgery.

Later on, in her recovery process, she talked about how “happy” she was with the procedure, posting before and after pictures on Instagram as well writing, “I am so happy with my fox eyes… Subtle cheek lift and small lip lift.”

In a rather good and not after a grueling procedure, Katie Price made a successful documentary with her son Harvey, getting a lot of positive feedback and reviews from her fans. She was praised heavily for her candid and ‘real’ side, when she talked about being a single mother of a disabled child, while Harvey himself talked about transitioning as a disabled person from a teenager to an adult now. The documentary was so well received, BBC has already signed for a follow-up next year with Harvey’s progress in the residential care he moved into.

There was also a bunch of drama with her ex-husband’s where Price also accused them of making money off of her name, saying, “I’m asking you both kindly to leave me alone now and stop making money from my name.”