Kathleen Buhle, ex-wife of Hunter Biden has decided to open up about the 24 years old marriage and how it came to an end.

According to the reports she will be publishing her memoir in which she has talked in grave detail about the marriage, addiction, and divorce of Hunter Biden.

Titled as “if we break: A memoir of marriage, addiction and healing” which is scheduled to be released in June is said to be covering the unfaithfulness and addiction of Biden and Kathleen Buhle’s life after the infamous divorce.

“When the marriage was over, I felt like I lost the sense of who I was,” Buhle told People. “Anyone who sees addiction ruining a relationship, or who has experienced unfaithfulness and divorce, can tell you how devastating it feels.

Buhle claimed that Hunter spent her money a lot on his addiction to alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes and at various strip clubs in 2017 while the divorce was in process.

Kathleen said writing this book has been like a “healing” for her as she wanted everybody who had been through a rough divorce especially because of addiction.

Hunter Biden has also been vocal about his addiction issues over the past years. He wrote a memoir in 2021 titled “beautiful things”, he wrote about drinking one quart of vodka at a time and living with his dealer, a homeless woman. During his marriage, the problem of his addiction was a secret.”

Hunter Biden revealed in an interview that he blames his addiction on the trauma that he felt after losing her sister and mother in a fatal accident at the tender age of 2.

Hunter Biden was also criticized for his brief affair with his brother Beau Biden’s widow but later married Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker in 2019. They both have a son together.

Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle have three daughters together as well. The book is set to be released on 14th June 2022.