Kate Hudson and brother Oliver Hudson made an appearance at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to promote their podcast show – Sibling Revelry.

The 42 years old actress and her 45-year-old brother Oliver were seen discussing and promoting their podcast show. The duo also shared rare insights about their beautiful relationship and growing up together under the umbrella of famous parents – Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

They both said the experience was “amazing.”

‘Incredible,’ said Oliver. ‘The impression is, of course, we are from famous parents.’

‘But within the four walls it was a very normal family,’ Oliver said. ‘Because they came from where they came from, which was nothing, they wanted to instill that.’

Both siblings stated that they learned a lot from their parents while growing up and they try to implement those teachings in their own parenting techniques.

Kate Hudson revealed that she was a middle child and was never privileged, which was given to Oliver being the eldest.

Oliver stated, “my mom loves me the most.”

Kate agreed to this statement saying “definitely the favorite. I don’t know how Oliver is still the favorite.”

Oliver Hudson recently moved back with his parents and seems to be enjoying it.

Kate Hudson was wearing a red and black floral print mini dress along with matching black tights accompanied with a gold statement necklace. She dons a simple ponytail which made her look uber chic.

Oliver Hudson on the other hand was all casual wearing a zip-up cardigan paired with sneakers and jeans.

‘She gave me flak about my outfit,’ Oliver said.

Kate tried to make him dress up for the talk show appearance but he said ‘I need to be me.’

Both of them talked about their podcast show Sibling Revelry. Kate Hudson stated they interviewed the siblings but more importantly “they wanted to do something together.”

‘We call it Revelry because it’s really about how we celebrate that relationship,’ Kate said. Oliver and Kate Hudson share a dynamic relationship and easily confide in one another as their bond is the purest. They both grew up together and are available at all times. Their new podcast show is fresh and unique on its own and is making its mark amongst all the other podcasts shows.