Katarina Miketin is both a model and an athlete, and she is very stunning. She has an MBA from Northwestern University and is a psychology major. She has even started a blog, “Katarina Elizabeth Outdoors,” in which she promotes and shares her own outdoor experiences and the channel she runs.

For as long as we’ve known her, she has maintained an active presence on Instagram. Katarina Miketin Instagram profile will show you that she has one of the most appealing and profitable feeds on Instagram. Many of her photos are with family and friends.

Katarina Miketin Early life and Age

Katarina Miketin was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1982. She is the mother of two children. As of 2021, Katarina Miketin’s age is 39 years old. It is Virgo’s sign. His full name is Katarina Miketin. When she was a child, she and her family relocated to the United States of America. In addition, she comes from a long line of Serbians. When she was a child, she lived with her siblings in the same house. The same may be said about her since she was born and raised in the United States. She comes from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. She adheres to the Christian religion. As far as her educational background is concerned, she attended high school in her hometown. Likewise, there is no information available on her post-secondary studies.

Katarina Miketin Height & Weight

She’s a stunning young lady in terms of her physical appearance, as well as her great and laid-back demeanor. Katarina Miketin is 5’7″ and weighs around 55 kg. She is in excellent physical and mental health. Her hair is a light blonde, and her eyes are a dark brown.

Net Worth of Katarina Miketin

How much money does Katarina Miketin have in the bank these days? Because of varied employment, Katarina Miketin net worth is around $600,000 as of the year 2022.

Model and bank teller Katarina Miketin is best known for both her modeling and endorsement work.

Zimmer, on the other hand, has a net worth of $12 million, according to the Celebrity Net Worth.

On the company’s website, he is paid an estimated $4 million a year. Mike Zimmer has coached for three NFL teams prior to becoming Minnesota Vikings’ head coach in 2014.


In her present position as Vice President at Minneapolis Bank, Katarina is an MBA graduate. Prior to joining Frandsen, she worked in the banking business for a number of years at TCF and Mid County banks. Additionally, Katarina is a well-known model who has featured in several publications. Sports Illustrated, M&F Hers, and a host of other publications have featured her on their covers.

This model’s rise to fame was fueled by her frequent social media posts in bikinis, swimwear, and stylish clothes. Social media popularity has led to a big following and notoriety for her in recent years. For her efforts, she was named among he Top 25 Skinnydip Models in 2013.

She just graced the cover of the December 2021 edition of Maxim Australia. Additionally, Katarina Elizabeth Outdoors, a blog on outdoor activities including waterboarding and paddle boarding, as well as hikes and kayaking, is owned and operated by her. Sports and adventure enthusiasts flock to her site in droves.

Who is Katarina Currently Dating?

She is Mike Zimmer girlfriend, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings football team. While she’s known to have been dating him for some time, it wasn’t until an Awesome photo of their dinner date appeared that she finally confirmed their relationship. On Instagram, Katarina revealed her relationship to Egnostic Sports. She is a single mother and has a daughter, Katia, from a previous marriage.

What happened to the wife of Mike Zimmer?

At the age of 50, Vikki Zimmer succumbed to natural causes. They were married for about 27 years. Zimmer was Bengals defensive coordinator at the time. He and Vikki have three children.

As Zimmer told ESPN, “She was the sweetest, kindest, most caring person who’d never say a bad word about anybody.”

Age difference between Katarina Miketin and Mike Zimmer

On June 6, 1956, Mike Zimmer was born. This means that Zimmer and Katarina Miketin have an age gap of around 26 years.

In spite of their age difference, it seems that the couple’s relationship has not been affected by their age gap. They were originally connected in 2018 when Miketin uploaded a picture of herself sporting Vikings gear on Instagram.

According to the New York Post, Miketin took a two-year social media break before re-emerging in October 2020, as previously predicted. Rumors of a connection between the two resurfaced around this time, with Miketin now believed to have verified it.

Egotastic Sports, a sports newspaper, contacted the model on Instagram to inquire about rumors of a “certain head coach” and her relationship with the model. It is alleged that when Miketin was asked whether she was in a relationship with Zimmer, she simply stated “yes.”

Katarina’s Relationship With Mike Zimmer

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin and Mike Zimmer began dating in January 2020.

The couple’s relationship has been a long-running rumor, but it was just recently made public. Social media and other news sites also featured photos of them together. Fans were anxious to discover more about the couple’s connection after seeing the photographs. Egotastic Sports reached out to Mike through Instagram to find out whether she was seeing Zimmer.

The supermodel also posted a selfie of herself in a Vikings shirt in 2018. Katarina Miketin Instagram account has over 426k followers. Maxim and Sports Illustrated have also featured the 40-year-old, according to her bio. In an interview with Maxim, Miketin stated that she and her parents migrated to the United States from Yugoslavia, which is currently known as Serbia, when she was a youngster. As head of The National Honor Society for Psychology, Miketin got an MBA degree in 2015, according to reports.

In addition to her work as a model, she has briefly held senior positions in some of the top financial organizations in the world.

She said:

“I worked in banking for a while but realized it wasn’t a good fit for me and my happiness, so I quit and bought a bike shop — my newest and most exciting venture!

Juggling being a mother, a business owner, staying fit, and being an influencer is difficult, but I’ve realized that by eliminating certain things, I can get a lot more done.”

As a model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and mother with roughly 424k Instagram followers, Miketin had to deal with continual remarks about her love life, hobbies, and physical appearance despite her success in all of these fields.

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin Daughter and her ex-husband

It’s no secret that Katarina is proud to be a single mother to her little daughter and is skilled in first aid and CPR. Her first marriage ended in divorce, and she has a daughter named Katia. As a result, it looked like the Neuroeconomics/Neurofinance Researcher was not willing to sacrifice her personal life in order to get recognition. Even on her social media accounts, there is no trace of her spouse, their marriage, or the events that led to their divorce. Also, the media and the general public had no idea of her daughter’s whereabouts.

Meet Katarina Elizabeth Miketin on Instagram

The Instagram user id katarina_elizabeth belongs to Katarina Elizabeth Miketin.

In particular, she is active on Instagram. She shares a lot of content on Instagram, with more than 950 posts to her name. She has more than 420k Instagram followers and follows 360 people.

Despite having more than 420k followers, she does not yet have an Instagram account that is verified. Almost all of her pictures are of her working out, and that’s what she shares the most of.

On July 13, 2013, she joined Instagram and her account is located in the United States.

Latest News: Katarina Elizabeth Miketen Made a Befitting Reply to Rick Spielman

Zimmer’s girlfriend, Katarina Elizabeth Miketin, replied to the subtly thrown shots by exercising an NFL-worthy defense against Rick Spielman.

Mike Zimmer’s supermodel girlfriend, Katarina Elizabeth Miketin, has seized every opportunity to reply to Rich Spielman’s recent media tour remarks.

On January 27, 2022, she reacted to Spielman’s remarks on the disadvantages of having a defensive head coach in a quarterback league.

On Twitter, @KMiketin criticized the former GM’s words and accused him of shifting blame:

“Rick, How can you build a team when you refuse to talk to the coach and don’t show up? You talk a lot to everyone else, just not the ones who mattered when the organization needed unity. You caused separation. Your gossip needs to stop. Let’s talk facts.”

On Twitter on January 29th, she remarked on the former-general manager’s relation to the organization, writing “What about the GM having a relationship with the organization? Not talking to your coach for three months? Rick, Back-peddling and “spin” have always been your “game”. You should be embarrassed by your media blitz of, “it wasn’t my fault”.”

10 Things You Should Know about Katarina Elizabeth Miketin

Following are 10 things we believe you might be interested in knowing about Katarina:

1. She got featured in Sports Illustrated

The term “model” has been so overused that it’s difficult to distinguish whether or not someone with a significant social media following is genuinely a professional model, or whether they just model on Instagram.

If there’s one model you can trust, it’s Katarina. She’s appeared in several high-profile magazines throughout the years, most notably Sports Illustrated and Maxim.

2. She holds a degree of Masters in Business Administration

Although Katarina’s looks are undeniable, she’s also a well-rounded person. She graduated from College of St. Scholastica with a degree in psychology. She has served as the National Honor Society for Psychology’s president during her time at the university. In 2015, she completed her MBA at Northwestern University.

3. She is bilingual

As a child, Katarina was reared in the United States, yet her family had Serbian origins. She has a strong sense of belonging to the community and is proud of her ancestry. Although it’s not apparent whether she is proficient in Serbian, according to her LinkedIn page, she has some knowledge of the language.

4. She is a single mother

On social media, Katarina doesn’t divulge much personal information, but we do know she’s a proud single mother and that she has a beautiful daughter. Her daughter’s name is Katia. Katarina said in her Twitter account that she is “Single Mother of a little girl who may be POTUS or just an awesome human.”

5. She has a corporate career in finance

Throughout her professional life, Katarina’s MBA has proven to be a valuable asset. Throughout her career, she has held senior roles at some of the world’s most well-known corporations. Frandsen Bank and Trust has appointed herMiddle Market Lending’s vice president.

6. She absolutely loves to stay active

While she may not have as much time to model professionally as she once did, Katarina is nonetheless in excellent shape. When she isn’t working out, she enjoys spending time outside. She enjoys a variety of hobbies in addition to going to the gym on a regular basis.

7. She is from Minnesota

Despite the common misconception that Katarina lives in some exotic locale like Los Angeles, the truth is that she is still in her own state of Minnesota. Duluth, Minnesota, is where Katarina grew up and still calls home. Duluth had a 2019 population of little over 85,000 people, according to the census. However, she’ll still be rooting for the Vikings even if reports about her relationship with Mike Zimmer aren’t accurate.

8. She is very adventurous

Don’t be fooled by Katarina’s outward appearance; she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or have some fun. Katarina Miketin spent a lot of time outside as a child growing up in Duluth. Her hobbies include snowmobiling, jet skiing, and off-roading.

9. She loves fashion

She has always been a fashionista who likes showing off her individuality via her attire. For every event, she loves to create clothes that reflect her own flair. At all times, Katarina will look her finest. No matter what she’s doing, you can know she’s going to look the best.

10. It is unclear why Katarina Miketin took a break from Instagram

Taking a two-year break in social media years is like taking a 10-year break. Unlike Katarina’s unexpected departure from Instagram in 2018, Katarina didn’t explain why she decided to take a leave or why she wanted to return to the platform. Although she may have her reasons, most people would agree that a social media break is beneficial. Nevertheless, many people are waiting for her to drop some indications to confirm or deny if she and Michael Zimmer are dating now that she has returned.

Frequently Asked Questions About Katarina Miketin

Who is Katarina?

An American-Yugoslavian model and athlete, Katarina has been on several magazine covers and is regarded as a role model for fitness and healthy living. As a bank vice president and a model, she is recognised for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

How old is Katarina?

As of 2021, Katarina Elizabeth Miketin age is 38 years old. In 1983, she was born in the United States of America. She hasn’t disclosed anything regarding her birth date. The date of her birth will be updated shortly.

How tall is Katarina Miketin?

She is 5ft and 7 inches tall.

What is the weight of Katarina Miketin?

The weight of Katarina Miketin is 54 Kgs (110 Pounds)

Is Katarina married?

No she is not married. Mike Zimmer, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings football club, is said to be dating Katarina. When a photo of their dinner date was shared on the Awesome website a few days ago, she finally verified her connection with him. On Instagram, Katarina confirmed her affiliation with Egnostic sports. Katia, her daughter from her previous marriage, is also known.

Does Katarina have a Child?

Yes. She has a beautiful daughter named Katia.

How Much Is Katarina Miketin Net Worth?

It is believed that Katarina Elizabeth Miketin net worth is between one and six million dollars. Her assets, money, and income are all included in this. For the most part, her money comes from her work as a model and athlete. Miketin has amassed considerable wealth, yet she wants to live a simple life despite her success

How much does Katarina make?

Her yearly salary information is currently unavailable. Although this is presently under evaluation, it is expected to be updated in the near future.

Where does Katarina live?

As a security precaution, Katarina has not divulged her exact home address. If we can locate and photograph her home, we will update this information.

Is Katarina dead or alive?

She is alive and is living a wonderful and healthy life in the U.S.

Where is Katarina Now?

Visit her official social media profiles below to stay up to speed on her newest news.