A violent incident took place recently in San Clemente, CA, and making headlines. A man was stabbed and injured badly by another man due to an argument over trashcans.

What makes this even worse is that the attacker is the son of a renowned basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Adam Abdul Jabbar is a 28-year-old individual who allegedly attacked a 60-year-old man on June 9.

On the night of June 9, the two men had a verbal argument that led to eventual assault when Adam attacked him with a knife. He hit his skull at first and then stabbed him multiple times.

The man who identifies as Ray Winsor got badly injured and then his wife drove him to the hospital.

The doctors say that Ray suffered a hit to the head that fractured his skull and other stab wounds on the body. The son of Kareem Abdul Jabbar now faces four felonies and three enhancements of causing severe injuries to Ray Winsor.

Three of the felonies is assault using a deadly weapon and one of them is for carrying a deadly weapon, which is a dagger. Now, Adam is facing a charge of about nine years in jail if he is found guilty on all counts.

Upon asking the neighbors of the neighborhood, they expressed how shocking it was for them. They also claimed that this violent behavior was very out of character for Adam Abdul Jabbar.

Reports also say that this argument did not only occur on one day, rather it had been going on for months. When Adam Abdul Jabbar was asked about the incident he had something to say in his defense as well.

He said that he got angry with Ray because he does not help an 83-year old woman take the trash out. Ray is responsible for taking care of the old woman and Adam confronted him for his irresponsibility.

The Orange County District Attorney says that violence is not to be tolerated in neighborhood disputes.

He also said that if incidents like this occur and someone gets hurt, the County will prosecute the attacker. Law and order will be followed and maintained no matter what the situation is.