Kanye West is in the news and for all the wrong reasons. Ever since his divorce from former wife Kim Kardashian, the American rapper has been trying really hard to get a grip of his life.

Kanye West has not settled with the news of Kim Kardashian dating the comedian Pete Davidson and confronted her openly on stage while crying for the family he had.

He also invested time in a new romance with a supermodel but guess that is also not working.

Supermodel Vinetria and Kanye West were reportedly dating while Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce.

But according to the close resources, Kanye is more invested now in winning his estranged wife back so he ended his relationship with Vinetria abruptly.

Kanye has also stopped following the supermodel on Instagram. Even though he has been dropping hints of calling off the romance, Vinetria is still following him.

The supermodel made a special appearance as his girlfriend at Donda Academy’s debut basketball game in Minneapolis but it seems like the rapper had a change of heart and just cannot continue the romantic relationship with the supermodel as his mind is more towards winning back his ex-wife.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian who had been moving ahead in life quite swiftly since her divorce from the rapper has made an “unexpected decision”.

Close sources of the reality TV star stated that she has decided to go out with Pete Davidson on group dates only.

Kim made this decision in lieu of avoiding Kanye West from spiraling downwards.

“The group outings are to spare Kanye’s feelings,” emphasized one of the sources. “Kim doesn’t want to do what her sister [Kourtney Kardashian] does with Travis [Barker], the non-stop PDA photos. By limiting her public appearances with Pete to group dates, Kardashian hopes to keep her new romance under the radar”. Stated the source. 

“[Kim] thinks hanging out in a group makes it seem more casual,” “She wants to keep Kanye from being hurt and devastated.” That desire stems in part from West’s mental health struggles. Those challenges include bipolar disorder, which he previously shared makes him “hyper-paranoid.”

Let’s see how well this move of Kim Kardashian goes down with Kanye West.