After rounds and rounds of speculation all over social media, the much frenzied music album by Kanye West “Donda” finally debuted on the streaming services this Sunday!

The timing of the album release is conflicting but according to a close source of West, the timing was meant to coincide with the “Sunday service” of Kanye West church-like performances over the past decade.

Donda is almost two hours long and according to the reports, it has undergone a lot of changes since the initial listening sessions which were held in various different locations of America.

The public sessions held in Las Vegas, Chicago and Atlanta witnessed different orders of the tracks as well as the featured vocalists on the album. You will find big music giants like Jay-Z, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Pusha T, Young Thug, Jay Electronica, Baby Keem, Pop Smoke, Kid Cudi, and the Lox collaborating with Kanye West on this album.

As soon as the album was released online, a controversy triggered when it was noticed that the track “jail” had fiery verses from Jay-Z missing, and instead DaBaby’s verses have replaced them in the song. This created an online outrage on different social media outlets. However, the world saw Jay-Z’s version being reinstated in the final release of the song.

The track also features Brian Warner a.k.a Marilyn Manson who had already made a very controversial opening onstage on Thursday’s public listening session. Thursday’s public listening session was badly tarnished by the onstage bickering among Manson and DaBaby. West was also accused of fueling up the fire and trolling them.

The bickering started when DaBaby made a serious attempt of a sexual offense on Manson, DaBaby is a widely known homophobic and accused Manson which was not taken in good light and both the artists were trolled by the public. One thing led to another and a controversy was born which created the situation uncomfortable for those who were present at the public listening session of Donda.

There were many other tracks, compositions, and verses that were deleted by the Lox and Kid Cudi –  reasons unknown!

There is a big possibility that this released version of the album Donda may not be the final and official version of the album as West continues to remix and re-record his work until he attains ultimate satisfaction. The same pattern was witnessed last time as well when the album “Life of Pablo” in 2016 went under grave scrutiny by the artist himself and the final released album was very different from what was posted on the streaming apps.

The audience has been witnessing the polar behavior of Kanye West both publicly and in his personal life. The recent divorce with his wife Kim Kardashian West has also left scars on Kanye’s personality which are some way or the other reflected in his music, especially the tracks which he composed while going through an inner battle.

Kanye West is a blessed artist whose work speaks for him, but whether this album Donda will live up to the expectations of the fans or not – only time will tell!