Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect of the US, has stirred a debate following her appearance on the cover of Vogue, the famous fashion magazine, for its February issue.

Late Saturday, Vogue’s official Twitter handle posted two pictures from the February issue, with Kamala Harris on the cover.

There is so much wrong in the picture. From the drapery to the lightening of the tone. It’s just not Vogue quality.

Vogue has come under the knife in the past also, with its substantial work when it comes to dealing with colored, or more specifically, black people.

As per our sources, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had full autonomy regarding the selection of her wardrobe, makeup, and hair. She was the one who made the call to adorn her casual jacket and pants along with a pair of Converses to compliment her overall look on the cover.

The second picture released has Harris wearing a powder blue pantsuit by Michael Kors. The pictures are taken by Tyler Mitchell who rose to prominence after photographing Beyoncé for Vogue in 2018.

As per the sources, Harris’ team was blindsided that Vogue publication didn’t honor her preference of the cover – while referring to the pantsuit by Michael Kors. Harris’ team was not aware of the switch of the photos until they were released on Twitter late Saturday. After finding out the switch, Harris’s team communicated their displeasure over the decision of the magazine to go against the wishes of the team.

On the other hand, a statement was released by Vogue’s spokesperson that Vogue has not yet confirmed which of the two pictures will make it to the cover, but the team loved the images captured by Tyler Mitchell. The informal image captures Vice President-elect Harris’s approachable, authentic nature; which is one of the hallmarks of her personality. The second image shows how diligently she will be playing a leading role to move the country forward. Therefore, both images were released to celebrate her power digitally.

On the contrary, Kamila Harris’ appearance on Vogue is going to ignite Donald Trump, who just complained last month that his model wife, Melania Trump, didn’t grace a single magazine cover in his four years of tenure as the President.