Vice President Kamala Harris is on her first official tour outside the United States of America since she got appointed by President Joe Biden to strengthen the diplomatic relations in the region and solve the massive influx of migrants on the southern border.

Kamala Harris visited Guatemala before heading ahead towards Mexico. She stated in a press conference with the President of Guatemala Alejandro Giammattei; that potential migrants should not travel to the U.S-Mexico border, they will be turned back.

She emphasized building the infrastructure of Guatemala and making it an illustrious country so the people are not compelled to migrate to other countries. She stated the root cause of migration is violence, poverty, and the climate and due to the novel coronavirus all three have been unfathomed to fight for, the mere reason for a surge in migrants at the southern border of the United States of America.

The Guatemalan President Giammattei agreed and backed the statement of Harris. He stated that we have asked the United States government to give out more loud and clear messages to prevent the people from leaving their native countries.

Harris did give out a clear message while stating that migrants should not go to the US-Mexico border as they will be turned down because the government plans to introduce stricter terms for illegal migration.

On the contrary, the Biden administration had rolled back a lot of Trump administration policies that curtailed the migrant influx, especially at the southern border. The Biden government rolled back the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) which enabled the migrants to stay in Mexico while their hearings were processed in American courts. After the abolishment of the protocols, the migrants enrolled faster into the soils of America without any constructive measures to record the numbers.

On the other hand, Kamala Harris faced extreme criticism on the way she handled the border migration crisis. She was appointed by President Biden 75 days ago and she did not visit the border even once.  Even now she decided to visit the Latin American countries instead of visiting the border; not recognizing the firsthand human crisis which arose due to the miscalculation of the Biden government and its border policies. The government has yet to acknowledge the disasters it has created, causing millions of Americans to get affected.

However, Kamala brushed out the criticism and stated that visiting the border would have only been a grand gesture”. She said she visited the countries to rectify the problem from its root cause. It is one of the highest priorities of the Biden administration to solve this issue and for that, she needs to be on the ground. She said she is more focused on finding the solutions and attaining results rather than answering the criticism.

Kamala Harris is scheduled to fly to Mexico where she will be meeting the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and discussion of the border crisis with him is on top of her agenda.