The Democrats are gearing up for the 3rd November, the election day. Running alongside Biden, vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris is making her final campaigning efforts.

In a video uploaded by Harris on Twitter, she attempts to clarify the distinction between the terms ‘equality’ and ‘equity’ while highlighting the importance of socialism.

The video explains the difference using the analogy of two animated men (one black and one white) trying to climb a mountain with ropes. The video depicts both men being given the same length of rope but at different ground levels.

The white man standing at a higher altitude is seen easily climbing the mountain using the rope. In contrast, the black man is spotted having trouble.

Kamala, in her voice over for the illustration, says that although equality promises everyone the same benefits, not everyone is at the same starting point.

She narrates that some people get a head start in life while others do not enjoy the same privilege. Therefore, the people already in the lead continue moving forward whereas people lagging try to get on equal footing.

This reveals that the social stratification of people cannot be eliminated with an approach focused on equality. Instead, the state is obliged to support everyone to bring them on the same plane so they can compete fairly.

As she vocalizes this thought, the black man is seen to be rising from the position where the white man had stood.

Harris claims that equity ensures no man is left behind. However, Kamala’s ideology was quickly slammed by individuals who protested that Democrats are endorsing a ‘communist’ authoritarian administration. With some stating that equity controlled by the state would maintain the pecking order and negate justice.

Harris is working hard to redeem her political identity from being voted the most liberal Senator by GovTrack last year. This came primarily due to her radical stance on adopting the Green New Deal and making modifications to the American dietary guidelines.

Ever since she stepped up for the VP position, she toned down her views but persisted to advocate her racial plans during Democratic primaries. Nonetheless, she resumes her pursuit to be perceived as a moderate political figure.

During Friday’s online meeting of left-wing ‘Squad’ members, Senator Sanders declared that Biden would not be backing off from the Democrats’ ‘progressive vision’.