In the Tokyo Olympics, Chase Kalisz won the first gold medal for the US in the Olympic pool. After the morning, the US team had collected a number of medals, six in all, which shows an extremely good start for Americans in the Post-Michael Phelps era this Sunday.

Kalisz, the winner of the 400m contest, said that he felt thrilled to be here and represent the US.

Along with the US, other countries also got space to shine. Japan secured a swimming gold medal and Tunisia astonished everyone as they reached the top position on the Olympics’ medal podium. Furthermore, Australian women secured the first world record of the competition in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay.

On their opening day with a great performance, Americans got loads of praise. This is to note that the US has never one 6 medal in the initial session of the finals through the record-setting career of Phelps.

Kieran Smith called it a very decent start for American and shared his joy on the execution of the US team and its accomplishment.

On their way to challenge the pool supremacy of America, the Australians secured three medals this Sunday.

Canada won a silver medal while the American squad added another medal to their name in the morning, beating their own finest first-day haul in Phelps’ era.

Kalisz secured the US’s very first medal of the Tokyo Games. On the other hand, Osaka born Jay Litherland completed the 1-2 finish for the Americans and held the silver medal in the freestyle leg. While the gold and silver medals were both secured by Americans, the bronze medal was won by Brendon Smith of Australia.

Women in the US were not behind. Yui Ohashi of Japan won the gold medal in the women’s 400m individual medley. There were two Americans who were behind her, Emma Weyant and Hali Flickinger, and they took the silver and bronze medal respectively.

Gold medal winner Kalisz won a silver one five years ago at the Rio Olympics. At just an age of 27, he is one of the finest when it comes to using all four strokes.

Kalisz said that he promised himself that he will endure all pain and give his very best to achieve this.

He was approached and hugged by Litherland on the greatest possible start by Americans.