Kahele was once again in spirit to bring his campaign to a different curve which was launched in January 2019. 

On the same note, Gabbard announced that now she will be working upon her campaign for the White House. Thus, she acquitted herself from the reelections for the seat she had for a long time. 

While Tulsi Gabbard let go of the seat she had held since 2013 the things took a turn for Kahele. 

As an opponent, we see Akana who already has won control over the rural islands of Hawaii and suburban Honolulu too. 

After Sen. Daniel Akaka (late) left the office in 2013, Kim Kahele or Joe Akana will make it to the Hawaiian Congress. 

Under this entire scenario, the coronavirus pandemic makes things go different. After these elections, Hawaii will get the 5th rank among states who conducted voting through the mail system.

The government offered alternatives too, but given the pandemic situation, a large number of voters depicted a threat to the rate of infected persons. Except for mailing, the other option provided by governmental officers was sending Ballots.

Analyzing the data from 1992, the number of ballots has increased by mediocre difference. That clearly shows the figures that ranged from 300,000 to 380,000 ballots received in the middle of July.

The urban Honolulu is represented by Ron Curtis whereas U.S. Rep. Ed Case was victorious in the 1st Congress District. For which he served from 2002 to 2007.