K-pop star Sowon (nee Kim So-Jung), a member of a hugely popular all-girls group Gfriend came under the fire after putting up a post with a Nazi mannequin on her Instagram. The 800,000 followers of the singer were quick to condemn the post and demanded an apology immediately. The images were removed, and she tendered an apology for those offended by the post.

The 25-year-old singer had posted an image of herself snuggling a Nazi-costumed dummy. The picture was taken in Paju, South Korea back in November 2020 while shooting for a video of Gfriend. Sowon’s management company – Source Music has apologized on behalf of the popular singer for causing distress to everyone. The famous singer deleted the post immediately as soon as she realized the significance of the image.

Sowon is the oldest member of the famous girl-group Gfriend who won the MTV Award in 2017. The all-girls group debuted in 2015 and has to date released four albums. Their last release was “Walpurgis Night” in November 2020.

It is not the first time that a K-pop group has come under fire for posing with Nazi-inspired items. The world’s famous music group BTS received a lot of criticism when a band member RM clicked a photo wearing a hat sporting a badge resembling the Nazi insignia. It went viral and caused a lot of stir around the world till the band’s management issued an official apology.

In another incident, the Jewish human rights group Simon Wiesenthal Center accused a member of BTS of wearing a t-shirt that depicted the celebration of atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This caused the band to drop their Japanese TV shows.

Sowon’s social media has been bombarded with hate comments and criticism to which her management has responded gracefully by issuing a public apology. Many followers and fellow artists have come out in support of the K-pop star Sowon and have asked her to stay strong during this critical time.