[It’s like this big secret] Justin Timberlake is all set to shock his fans with a surprise entry in Janet Jackson’s documentary!

After 18 years of memorable Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake is anticipated to make a surprise appearance in the Janet Jackson documentary.

“With a career that spans decades, @JanetJackson has done it all. Join us for #JanetJacksonDoc, a two-night documentary event premiering January 28th at 8/7c, celebrating her life, accomplishments, and music that changed the world”, Tweeted A & E.

As per the recent reports, the 41-year-old Cry Me A River singer will appear in a 2 night and 4-hour Lifetime/A&E documentary, which will premiere on Friday, reflecting a jaw-dropping performance like the 2004 Super Bowl, which ended up in the most scandalous “Nipplegate” Saga.

The 2004 performance saw the popular singers ending Janet’s performance with “Rock Your Body” by Justin and “Made For Now” singer ripping off her top exposing her breasts as her counterpart sang,  ‘I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song.’ 

“Justin is in it. I was told he is going to be in the documentary. It’s like this big secret. He’s the surprise, just like the Super Bowl” wrote an insider.

The incident which millions of viewers witnessed and introduced the term, ‘wardrobe malfunction’ cost the “Scream” star her successful career, while his only steadily stood in strength.

The incident then changed into a he-said-she-said of what otherwise should be projected at the end of the scandalous performance.

Subsequently, Janet got blacklisted from the entertainment industry, including her videos and singles, banned from TV and radio.

Moreover, after putting a stop to her growing career, the star was forced to ask forgiveness for the incident in front of the media while Justin remained unscathed.

According to the documentary trailer, Justin asked Janet to join him in the 2018 Super Bowl event.

“Justin and his team have been trying to contact us about you doing the Super Bowl”, says Randy Jackson in a video clip.

Rumors have it that, while the documentary trailers don’t show Justin’s appearance, the final hour has been kept as a secret, with a source saying,  ‘Lifetime hasn’t even seen the screener yet!’ The documentary is expected to go on air for two nights from Jan 31 on Sky Documentaries in the UK.