As announced by Zack Snyder in May 2020, he will release his version of Justice League calling it the Snyder Cut on HBO MAX by mid-March 2021. And it’s here.

The inevitable question is: is it better than the previous version? Does Zack Snyder’s Justice League make it a better version? The answer is definitely Yes.

Snyder’s version is a whopping 4-hours long while the original 2017 movie ran for just over two hours. Some scenes have been extended, while some scenes are fresh from the mind of maestro director Zack Snyder.

Snyder also took some big storytelling leaps and he completely altered the 2017 version of the story. He introduced new characters, showed other sides of the main characters, and also changed the overall climax. The result is – A STRONGER FILM.

The movie named Snyder Cut is an overhaul of the main characters including the villain. In the original flick, Steppenwolf wanted to invade earth and needed mother boxes to aid him but the reason why he wanted to do this was never disclosed in the original movie. Snyder Cut puts an end to all the speculations surrounding the villain’s intention to destroy planet earth.

Another powerful scene was the re-enactment of a heart-to-heart talk between Martha Kent, the mother of Superman, and Lois Lane that was beautifully shown surpassing the celluloid emotional value of the original. In this particular scene, Martha Kent talks Lois out of depression because of Clark’s death. It is really inspiring how Martha convinces her to regain the reigns of her life by moving on and rediscovering her passion for journalism.

Cyborg gets a deeper and new edge to his story as well in this cut. Snyder’s version expanded Cyborg’s arched behavior towards his father to a greater length. Both movies have depicted the complicated relationship between Cyborg and his father, but in this version, we get to see the core reason behind this father-son animosity.

Batman is reincarnated as a Knightmare and it is a pleasure to watch. This story is left unfinished which shows that Snyder plans to work on the DC Extended Universe flick.

The final battle against Steppenwolf is completely overhauled in Snyder Cut which will surely leave the audience flabbergasted.

Snyder, if endorsed by Warner Bros. can take Justice League movies to all new heights of grandeur and fame. The movie is a critical success. If it becomes a commercial success, Warner Bros. will surely give a green light to Zack Snyder to work on future sequels.