The Canadian actor, Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page revealed a surprising fact about himself on Instagram and Twitter. On Tuesday, Elliot announced that he is transgender and that he goes by the name Elliot. It was a long post in which he shared what he felt about this.

The Umbrella Academy star also told people that he would like to be referred to as he/they. The Pit Pony actor seemed very positive from his words as he continued to appreciate the people that supported him throughout this journey.

While celebrating and being optimistic, he also communicated that he is aware of the unfairness the transgender community has to go through. He presented stats about the miserable condition of the trans community.

Then the super-talented actor pointed towards the people responsible for this condition and made it clear that being a transgender, he stands for the community and won’t tolerate any sort of inequality.

It was in 2005 when people began to notice him for his role in the movie Hard Candy. Two years later, he got the big hit in the comedy-drama film Juno for which he earned the Academy Award nomination for the Best Actor.

The actor has been in several hit movies. He played a major role in the all-time popular Christopher Nolan movie Inception as well as in two of X men movies. He is currently playing the lead role in the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy.

Netflix confirmed that his gender would not be changed for the upcoming episodes but they would update the credits.

He is the most popular celebrity that has come out to reveal such a fact. Some others include former Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner.

Elliot seemed very excited and confident while embracing his identity. He ended the post by sympathizing with the transgender community and assured them that he is with them and would do anything he can for them.

A large number of celebrities came up in the support of Elliot Page as he broke this news. Miley Cyrus shared Elliot’s announcement and wrote “Elliot rules!”

The daytime television comedy show’s host Ellen DeGeneres sent love to Page on Twitter saying that Elliot inspired her a lot by what he did.