For the first time in 13 years, Britney Spears will be free of the conservatorship that has dominated her life.

After Britney Spears made it plain over the summer that she wanted to terminate the conservatorship of her 39-year-old daughter Jamie, a Los Angeles County court on Friday authorized Jamie Spears’ petition to dissolve the conservatorship, which has lasted more than a decade.

It has been determined that the conservatorship of this individual and their estate is no longer necessary, as Judge Penny said in court on Friday afternoon. Therefore, the conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears’ person and the estate is being dissolved as of today.

Administrative powers have been granted to interim conservator John Zabel in Britney’s trust and estate while Britney Spears’ conservatorship of the estate and the person has been terminated.  Attorney Wright said that everything she needs will be taken care of by her personal conservator, Montgomery.

He said that he doesn’t want to bury the lede and he feels the conservatorship as a practical issue should terminate today at the beginning of his client Britney’s hearing.

He stated while addressing the court that today was the day when the conservatorship will be terminated. On the other hand, Mr. Spears’ former lawyer now wants him fired on the same day. His view was that he should be fired. There were some concerns about financial and personal security, but Ms. Wright presented paperwork on Miss Montgomery’s behalf to the court that was consistent with what he had said.

An orderly transfer of authority was planned, he continued, on both the estate and personal side as well.

As he said, he simply wanted to make it clear to the court that there is a safety net in place for both the financial and personal aspects.

There was no more comment from either Alex M. Weingarten or Lauriann Wright, the attorney for Britney’s conservator Jodi Montgomery. Gladstone Jones, Britney’s mother Lynne’s lawyer, said that Lynne was “in favor” of the ruling. A portion of the hearing was shown live on television, and Jamie took part virtually over the phone.

A hearing scheduled on Dec. 8 has been postponed until Jan. 19 at 1:30 p.m. local time.

One week after Britney’s lawyer, Rosengart, sought the court to suspend Jamie Spears from his job as conservator of Britney’s estate, the court dismissed him. Trust estate planning forms and additional documents were drafted and signed by John Zabel, who was appointed a temporary conservator by Judge Penny.

Vivian L. Thoreen, Jamie’s prior attorney, had advocated for the immediate termination of the conservatorship rather than Jamie’s suspension at the time.

Rosengart accused Jamie of being “abusive” and “cruel” toward his daughter during the September court hearing in which he was suspended, Jamie’s lawyer indicated he had been holding his tongue and not reacting to all the unfounded, speculative, and baseless accusations on him by some members of the media, public, or even more lately, Britney’s own counsel.

Britney’s conservatorship ends at a critical point in her life. Sam Asghari proposed to her in the middle of September.