On Saturday night, when Devin Booker drove into the lane in the last 30 seconds of the 5th Game of the NBA Finals, it seemed as if a classic moment was about to unfold. The Suns trailed by one, and Booker – who had already scored 40 points for the second consecutive game – seemed poised to put Phoenix back in front.

However, Jrue Holiday came out of nowhere.

Booker said that all he was doing was attempting to score the ball and that Jrue Holiday was in front of him.

And as Booker whirled back toward the center of the floor, Holiday grabbed the ball, popped it into the air, and caught it.

Holiday said that he supposes that he simply happened to be at the right place at the right moment.

He then took four dribbles and moved into the frontcourt, where he lifted a picture-perfect alley-oop ball to Giannis Antetokounmpo near the rim for a thunderous slam and a foul.

Antetokounmpo said that the pass was entirely based on trust and he could have retrieved the ball, let the time run down, and taken a solid shot. However, he trusted me and sent the ball out there, which resulted in a bucket.

And in fewer than four seconds, the Bucks moved from being on the ropes to being in charge of the NBA Finals. Milwaukee defeated Phoenix 123-119 minutes later, bringing the Bucks to within one win of their first NBA championship in half a century.

Tuesday night in Game 6 at Fiserv Forum.

The Bucks coach said that returning to our fans and to Milwaukee is an incredible chance for us,

He said that game 6 will be the same. Both teams are going to come out firing, so brace yourself for some incredible basketball. He asserted that they are going to compete defensively and make plays, as a team.

When the Milwaukee Bucks traded a slew of draught choices to the New Orleans Pelicans in the summer for Holiday, he was seen as the missing piece that would finally enable Milwaukee to achieve its long-awaited playoff breakthrough.

That is just what Jrue Holiday proved to be on Saturday night. He rebounded offensively from a poor start to the series with 13 assists and 27 points and continued to be a terror on the defensive end.

It was a full, two-way effort from Holiday, who has long been regarded as one of the NBA’s greatest two-way guards.