Looking for unbiased news today is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s like finding keys on a sofa; you have to dig your fingers deep enough, underneath the right cushion.

Likewise, the absolute truths are found only beneath the right newspaper. You cannot just trust a website on the internet to spill facts, as every news might contain an undertone of their opinion or exaggeration.

Be cautious about what you read. Because what you read builds your perception, and later it can influence others to share the same views. So, stay woke and away from “fake news” all over social media platforms and newspapers.

So, the question is, where do we find truth and unbiased news in our media in this era?

Is there any procedure to follow suit? Is there action taken against a reporter who gets facts wrong? Does the new outlet crosscheck the information and correct it after or before publication? What ethics does the magazine follow, and what are the consequences of breaking those codes?

If the news is falsified, plagiarized, or exaggerated, will the journalist be fired? If yes, this would mean they come from an authorized journalism background; Washington Post, NBC News, the New Republic, and the New York Times are examples of such Journalism brands to do so.

Apart from news, politician and celebrity lives are teas for everyone, and it seems like the more ridiculous it is, the more it is read. Hence, the journalism brands do not take a step when a journalist spills fables out of his imagination but gets the newspaper the popularity it wanted.

Where everyone’s looking for spice and seasoning, locals need a dash of normal and natural. People need to read and learn more amid the cultural and political revolution. Improve your literacy and knowledge by reading factual newspapers instead of fiction tellers.

Citizens should also purchase their daily newspapers. This way, the companies appoint journalists who keep tabs on your local education sector, police department, tax expenditure, and constructional rights protection. That journalist can be a bug politicians find hard to swipe off and force them to act right.

Top 10 Journalism Brands Which Give You True Facts

Now that you see how significant is it to read and publish facts, we prescribe you the top 10 best Journalism Brands that only speak truths.

The New York Times

Following ten decades, no other newspaper in the U.S has surpassed the hallmark “The New York Times” has built. The influential editorial page covers left-leaning news and does it all, following a strict ethical code. It is known to fie journalists that reported false information.

You would not find a more legit news provider in terms of politics, business, and culture. The standard of news coverage is, without doubt, the best.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is America’s most circulated and followed newspaper. The Journalism brand introduced its feature in the art of journalism. For instance, the “Ahed” and “leaders,” the middle-column and longer-form, respectively.

In 2007, Rupert Murdoch, an Australian media mogul, purchased the organization. Henceforth, the Wall Street Journal started to cover more general news besides the business news. The journalism brand still stands as brand X in the department of business publications. The newspaper gives the free market and business people full liberty, saying, “free markets, free people.”

Peggy Noonan, Karl Rove, and Bill McGurn are past Republican strategists and speechwriters that write in the newspapers. So, it is a much-read for pretty much all the Washington Republicans.

The newspaper supports equality, freedom, rights, fraternity, internationalism, progress, and reform. So, left-leaning bookworms love the newspaper even if they might disagree with the edit page sometimes.

The Wall Street Journal has won many Pulitzer Prizes for columns and editorials. It is only their quality of the precise thesis, bold arguments, and supporting in-depth knowledge that WSJ one of the best journalism brands.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post, with its fantastic reporting, brought down President Richard Nixon in the starting months of 1970 on the Watergate Scandal. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, owns the brand now. The Washington Post is one of the big three national papers that won the Pulitzer Prizes, besides the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The newspapers appoint only the best and intellectual reporters that create huge scoops. As of now, the Washington Post might be the most forward-thinking out of the big three. The newspaper isn’t hindering but only progressing in finding a way to expand its reach even more through digital marketing and more.

The newspaper is also on a hiring binge, upon Bezos’s backing to hire reporters of talent while the NYT and WSJ are laying off theirs.


The BBC news is known world-wide for its name and reputation. It excels in television journalism and radio broadcast. The BBC is set on such a pedestal that the United States cable news needs pointers.

And yes, the Public Broadcasting Service has been making its name in the entertainment, news programs, documentary, and business news sectors. Yet, the energy in the news programs isn’t the same. Where BBC was creative and artistic, the PBS just cannot compete.

The National Public Radio also creates incredible viewership; its knowledge of reports stems from the New York Times and the Associated Press. The U.S communal also remarks that the NPR is more left-leaning than BBC.

The Economist

The Economist magazine is a British export with a clientele of fantastic journalists and economists, what’s more, is its staff produces well-edited stories based on facts. They post loads of accounts of the world’s happenings weekly.

The Economist, however, does not publish the author’s name with the news or reports. This way, you don’t know who wrote what. Quite peculiar, but they have their reasons.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker posts factual writings and reports every week with utmost sophistication on other platforms and print magazines. The reporters and writers are straight out of gold mines which only broaden the reach and audience of The New Yorkers readers.

The journalism brand is also opening up its content to the public rather than only the print subscribers. In its oddity, it features a piece of fiction each week and calling it so.

However, it is most famous for long-form and factual writings on business, culture, politics, and many categories. The publication usually takes a few months as the reporters first report, then write it, and finally, it goes through the stage of final checking. No wonder it is one of the best journalism brands.

The information they gather is deep and rigorous; it’s raw, and then it is analyzed. You cannot easily find such information elsewhere. The writers are set in their forte and write to make you enjoy and hang on each word.

Like the Times, the New Yorker sets an optimistic interpretation of the world, must to the dismay of conservative writers. However, it is one of the best interpreters of unbiased news and fine writing.

Wire Services: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg News

The wire news cannot be subscribed to, but the reporters here do give unbiased news based on facts. They provide non-fictitious information and data on the economy and politics. The reporting is, in turn, beneficial for the organizational members.

What you can do is that you can follow these organizations or certain reporters on the internet and social media. You can follow whoever writes about your topics of interest. There are mobile apps and websites to stay afloat on the daily news that the wire services provide you.

Foreign Affairs

The Council on Foreign Relations publishes the magazine based on twice per month. It is for intellects profound over the global affairs. This magazine also has many platforms for the digital side of journalism.

So, the newspaper and the digital podiums thrive from the submissions, discussions, different opinions, arguments, and analysis of the world’s chief intellects. In turn, you can know international relations from the perspectives of the best minds.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a national treasure. The magazine publishes news of the nation sitting from Washington D.C per month. Many top journalists write long-form reports and analyses in this newspaper.

The journalism is per facts and ethics. They also own a website where you can click a headline of your chosen topic and read all about it.


Politico was found in 2006 by ex-reporters of the Washing Post. The newspaper features the best news reports in not just American politics but also over Europe. It publishes in print and on social media, so you can simply catch them on your mobile phones and the internet.


Some other leading journalism brands also include National Public Radio. TIME magazine, USA Today. CNN, FORBES magazine, National Review, The New Republic, and many more.

However, the previously listed journalism brands have no competition, as they provide you the most unbiased news with excellent write-ups and reportings, following all codes and ethics.