QOTSA singer Josh Homme reportedly threatened his ex-wife’s boyfriend to kill him!

The boyfriend is now protected by a court!

According to legal documentation “Josh is said to have started threatening to kill the new boyfriend of his ex-wife, Brody Dale.” It further stated that gunner fox started meeting the ex-wife of Josh Homme back in 2020 and then things started to get cozy between them.”

Gunner further claims that “he was shopping for Christmas at a mall in Thousand Oaks, California when Josh approached him and threatened to throw him off the balcony.”

In the legal documentation. Gunner has stated that “Josh first appeared in the Apple Store and said, “I’m going to kill you, you’re f ***** p ****”. And … and at first, glance challenges him to fight.

Gunner added that “Josh approached him again outside the Apple Store, beat him hard, threatened to kill him, and threw him on the balcony upstairs. He says at some point Josh actually grabbed his arm and tried to throw him on the railing.”

The documentation also claims that “Josh dug his fingernails in his hand during the quarrel, and he really believed that josh would kill him.”

Gunner claimed that “he immediately called the law enforcement agencies and the police responded but till that time Josh had put him through hell over there.”

Gunner has made some serious claims stating that he currently lives in Malibu with his three kids and he has a gut feeling that Josh might have invaded his house and cut the tires of his cars.

All of this was submitted in the legal documentation in front of a court where the judge gave Josh Homme a temporary detention order that will require Josh to maintain at least a 50 yards’ distance from Gunner and his two daughters.There have been no comments made by Josh Homme‘s representatives and utter silence is observed at the josh camp over these serious allegations put forward by the new boyfriend of his former wife.