Josh Duhamel marries his love, Audra Mari, in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Fargo, North Dakota.

The couple got engaged in January this year and finally walked to the altar on Saturday.

49-year-old Duhamel tied the knot for the second time with his girlfriend 28-year-old Mari. The couple exchanged their vows on the rooftop of Jasper hotel.

The couple has not immediately responded to this news but the eyewitnesses stated that the couple seems to have “a great time” and that the evening “was lovely.”

Josh started dating Audra Mari back in 2019 after divorcing his wife and superstar Fergie. The couple was formally divorced in 2019 after announcing their separation back in September of 2017.

The transformer actor had revealed his engagement with Audra in a post on Instagram back in January with the caption “it’s on!!”She found a message in a bottle that washed ashore and said YES!! @audramari,” the actor captioned the shot of the pair smiling, while he held up a handwritten letter that read: “Audra Diane Mari Will You Marry Me?”

Audra Mari had openly expressed her desire that she “would love to have kids with Josh.”

The Miss World America 2016 was quoted as being “very sweet, caring and close with her family” and now finally she is “getting to know” Axl Jack –  the 9-year-old son of Duhamel that he shares with Fergie.

Duhamel had given full control to Mari for the arrangements of the wedding. He explained that “Most of the stuff I don’t care about,” he shared. “I just want there to be great music, I want to have people around that we love, and I want to be present. I want to make sure that when the night comes, I don’t want to be overcome by the moment. I just want to be present and have a great time.”

“Thankfully she’s really good at it,” he said. “I’m there to sort of answer questions or if she’s got questions about something.”