The child pornography trial against famous reality star Josh Duggar is all set to begin this Tuesday.

The famous “19 kids and counting” star made headlines across the globe in 2015 when he was reportedly blamed for molesting young girls, even his own sisters.

He appeared for years in the famous reality show but now he will be facing the trial of allegedly possessing compromised photographs of young children.

Josh Duggar will be facing charges against him on two main accounts that are downloading and possessing child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty against the charges previously.

The 33-year-old reality star might end up in prison for 20 years as well as a fine of about $250,0000 for each charge if convicted in the case.

There are reports that the father of Josh Duggar might testify in the case. According to the attorney Justin Gelfand, 56 years old Jim Bob “may testif“.

There have been videos found on the electronic gadgets seized from Duggar’s possession which contained videos and images of young children. This evidence is said to be used in the trial against him.

Josh Duggar was arrested in late April from Arkansas. As the news spread like wildfire about Duggar being involved in allegedly molesting young children and now keeping images of young children, the U.S marshals came forward to “assist” the arrest of the reality star.

Previously the star of “19 kids and Counting” was not charged with any crimes but was accused of molesting a lot of women including his own biological sisters and babysitter.

TLC took the reality show 19 kids and counting off the air in 2015 when dark revelations were made about Josh Duggar. His parents stated that he “confessed to the fondling and apologized.”

The 33-year-old just welcomed his seventh child only 2 weeks ago. The problematic stigma attached to the star has proven to be putting a toll on the mental health of the family, especially his wife.

Josh Duggar plans to plead not guilty against the charges of child pornography.