With the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being cleared for administration again, fewer than half of the U.S population are still willing to take it. The reemergence of the J&J vaccine seems to be facing difficulties to gain the trust of American residents: Only 46% think that taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is somewhat safe, as compared to 7 out of 10 inclined to take the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Despite the vaccination campaigns, reluctance to get a dose of the vaccine remains constant amongst Americans. Nearly 24% of Americans do not want to be shot for a safer future. This number has gone down from the steep 32% of the population who had refused to take the vaccine three months back. The reluctance to get vaccinated is more commonly observed among rural segments, Republicans, and those who are comparatively less educated.

The hesitancy in getting a vaccine dose was further exacerbated by the halt of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  Statistics show that almost a quarter of unvaccinated adults claim that the abrupt halt in the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine made them reconsider their decision to get vaccinated. Almost 41% of people have concluded that the J&J vaccine isn’t safe as compared to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines which have elicited a relatively more positive response of 71% and 73% respectively. Even with the widespread confidence surrounding the efficacy of Modena and Pfizer vaccines, 3 in 10 Americans are still unsure about its safety or have no opinion whatsoever.

With the Johnson and Johnson vaccine springing back into action, people are less inclined than ever. Despite the vaccine being praised for being the “one-shot vaccine”, only 22% of Americans have expressed a sense of willingness to take it. Even people who are inclined to get vaccinated are mostly against taking the jab of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

It is important to note that the willingness to get vaccinated correlates with the willingness to follow the mandates set by the government. 58% of people who have been vaccinated or are urged to do so have supported the idea of business workers getting a shot. If these numbers are to be held, then only a minor 7% will not get vaccinated.

Divisions on getting the vaccine seem to be rooted amongst different classes as well. However, there has been a major improvement in actual and intended vaccine dose since January 2021; It’s risen mostly amongst the Hispanic Lot, closely followed by the Republicans and women, with the conservatives and urban residents