Hollywood’s A-listed actor, Johnny Depp, gives an insight into his journey from bearing childhood abuses to rising to stardom.

On Tuesday, the former “Pirates of the Caribbean” starlet was testified at Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia after he decide to sue his ex-wife for making scathing allegations against the star that he had been ‘physically abusive’ towards his former wife during their marriage.

“My goal is the truth because it killed me that all these people I had met over the years … that these people would think that I was a fraud,” said the actor. Nothing of the kind ever happened.”

During his court trial, Johnny Depp went into depth about how he was abused during his childhood by his own mother, who he called, cruel and violent toward him and his three other siblings.

Depp recalled the time when he was an adolescent, stating, “There was physical abuse, certainly, which could be in the form of an ashtray being flung at you, you know, it hits you in the head or you get beat with a high-heeled shoe or telephone whatever was handy. So in our house, we were never exposed to any type of safety or security.”

“The verbal abuse, the psychological abuse, was almost worse than the beatings. The beatings were just physical pain,” said the Fantastic Beast star. “The physical pain, you learn to deal with. You learn to accept it. You learn to deal with it.”

“When Betty Sue, my mother, would go off on a tangent toward my father — and of course, in front of the kids, it [didn’t] matter to her — he, amazingly, remained very stoic and never, as she was rationing him with horrible things, he stood there and just looked at her while she delivered the pain, and he swallowed it. He took it,” he said of his father, John Depp Sr.

Depp continued by saying, “there was never a moment when my father lost control and attacked my mother or hit my mother or even said a bad thing to my mother.”

“The things that I witnessed … there were a couple of times when it got too far when I could see his eyes welling up as he was staring at her, saying nothing,” said the Dark Shadows artist.  “The most he would do is he would punch a wall. I once saw him punch a wall, and he shattered his hand because it wasn’t drywall, it was proper concrete … but still, never touched her, never argued with her. He remained a gentleman.”

The American actor went on saying, “To me, as a five-year-old boy, I kept wondering, why does he take it? How does he take this? And why doesn’t he leave her? But he didn’t,” and added, “He was able to maintain his calm, and his composure. He was able to maintain his relationship with his children.

“He is a good man,” he said of his father.

Depp’s parents parted ways when he was just 15.

Fast forward to 5 years later, when Depp was 20 and needed money. He dropped out of school, joined a music band, The Kids and moved to LA.

Being a musician, Depp needed a steady income to sustain his lifestyle as he had not earned enough money while being a musician.

“I ended up acting by accident,” said the now-famous A-listed Hollywood actor

His longtime friend, actor Nicolas Cage, advised him to meet his agent Eileen Feldman who convinced him to read for director Annette Benson.

Depp then “somehow” got a part on “Nightmare on Elm Street.” From there, his acting career started and later earned him a role in the “21 Jump Street” series before he landed on his career’s breakthrough role, Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”