John Cho redefines his creativity this time by simplifying the dynamics of creativity.

It took an accident of tearing down his ACL before the famous Cowboy Bebop, John Cho could let go of his anxiety while stepping into one of the highest prolific projects he has done to date.

John Cho will be seen playing the lead role of Spike Spiegel in the action adaptation of renowned anime Cowboy Bebop on the platform of Netflix.

The series is about a complex bounty hunter who is after chasing the criminal across the space. The anime is one of the most-watched since its inauguration in the late 90s.

Netflix is taking a huge risk in adapting the Cowboy Bebop, inviting excruciating scrutiny of the character by both critics and fans.

John Cho is excited to play the power-packed role of Spike and stated that he can actually relate to the character in more than one way.

He stated “It was so wonderfully weird, and it was such a collision of different genres that, in its totality, it seemed like the most dream job I could ask for. I had always wanted to play in noir and westerns and sci-fi. And the dialogue was unusual and sparkling. The world was completely interesting and funny, and it just was unlike anything I’d ever seen.”

Cho underwent an accident of tearing down his ACL while filming a scene for the series. The production was shut down for months, waiting for the complete recovery of John Cho.

He stated “[Initially,] I was very much focused on my part—when I was done, when I was starting, conditions for my performance,” he says. “And [when] I came back, and I was thinking much more about how are we going to get through this? Is the show going to be good? Does this episode make sense? Do these characters follow from one episode to the next?”

“I think I did come back better than I started,” Cho added further. “The show of faith from Netflix and our producers to suspend [production] and come back with me released me from the anxieties that typically plague me. I was like, ‘Okay, everyone’s behind me. I’m going to come in confident.’ It allowed me to think more freely about the character and to feel more freely about the character.”

The character allowed John Cho to redefine his creative as well as thought process and how to progress in his career while keeping things simple.