The Amazon original movie, The Lie is anticipated to be a remarkable psychological thrill that is to be released on 6th October.

The movie is said to be horrifying as it shows the extent to which humans can go. It is directed by the famous Veena Cabreros-Sud. It shows how tragedy can be dangerous for some people.

Kayla (Joey King) is a teenage girl from a dysfunctional high-class household. Sarsgaard plays the part of her father named Jay, and Mireille Enos plays the part of her mother, Rebecca.

As Jay takes his daughter to the ballet camp, the main plot begins. While they are on their way, they see Kayla’s friend Brittany. Kayla offers her a lift to the camp.

On their way, Brittany says that she has to pee so she asks Jay to stop the car. The two friends go into the woods together. After some time when they do not return, Jay goes to see what was wrong. He finds out that his daughter has killed Brittany.

The parents have to scheme in order to shield Kayla and conceal the killing. In the meantime, Brittany’s dad, Sam, comes to ask the parents about Brittany, to which the parents respond by saying that Kayla was never taken to the camp. Sam does not buy this.

Kayla’s parents plan to report Sam as a father who was violent and also report his missing daughter. The police don’t buy this claim, so the parents plan to plant Kayla’s phone at Sam’s house.

They get caught and the confrontation leads to a violent fight, which results in the murder of Sam by the conspiring parents.

As they are washing away the evidence at his house, Brittany appears out of nowhere and tells them that she and Kayla made it all up so that Brittany could meet her boyfriend and spend time with him. Kayla agreed with the plan as the trauma made her remember her twisted family.

The ending scene of the film shows Jay and Rebecca hugging Kayla when the police arrive.

The important thing to note here is that Kayla was unhappy with her parents’ divorce so she planned to bring the couple together but things did not end well for them. The daughter does not seem to realize how her parents did everything they could to protect her.