Spotify’s CEO, Daniel EK is still supporting his company’s most popular host, Joe Rogan, even after he misinformed the public about the Covid-19 vaccine. Last Friday in The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan declared that people who are young and healthy do not require a vaccine, a comment that goes against the advice of healthcare experts.

Joe Rogan’s statement received severe criticism on social media where several media personalities reprimanded him for his careless attitude. When Daniel Ek was asked about his perspective on the matter, he refused to comment. According to Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw, all Ek said was how their platform was open to 8 million creators who create and curate different kinds of content for the audience. “We have a content policy and we do remove pieces that violate it,” said Ek to Shaw.

It is important to note that Rogan’s public distrust of the vaccine comes at a time when more and more youngsters are contracting the virus. Jonathon Reiner, a media analyst from CNN stated how unethical It was for Robes to do such a thing knowing that he has a huge following. Moreover, he was found saying how younger people are the true drivers behind the growth of vaccinations. “They are really powering the spread so the only way to put this virus down once and for all is to immunize,” said Reiner on the importance of vaccination for younger people.

Despite Daniel EK claiming that his business has over 8 million creators, Spotify continues to promote Joe Rogan. In its first quarter earning report released earlier this week, the company named Rogan twice, crediting him for the subsequent growth of Spotify’s business in the market. There have been several other notable incidents where Rogan has been specially mentioned by Spotify.

However, this isn’t the first time Joe Rogan has come under hot waters for creating a controversy. Back in September, the comedian had to issue a public apology for disseminating incorrect information about fires on the West Coast. His recent remarks about COVID-19 vaccine have been questionable, especially since he mentioned that his children had suffered Covid with “minor symptoms.” He then clarified himself, claiming he wasn’t trying to undermine the experience of anyone, but the experience that his children had with COVID-19 was “nothing.”

Spotify is known for taking quick action against unethical conduct but this time, Spotify didn’t do anything. Till now, the company is yet to take action on Joe Rogan’s incorrect statement about the COVID-19 vaccine.