On Tuesday’s game night, hostility slowly begins to surface between the Dodgers and the Houston Astros after the sixth inning.

The first scene failed to attract any special attention. Joe Kelly swung a fastball at Alex Bregman but he maintained his calm and overlooked the whole situation as Kelly yawned in response.

The next scene, however, was not easy to ignore when after 3 batsmen Kelly again tossed a high-speed spinning ball at Carlos Correa, aimed at his head. It was declared a wild throw with Correa glaring at Kelly.

This resulted in an indecent exchange of profanity as Kelly walked away and stuck out his tongue at Corea.

The Revenge Of Joe Kelly Against Astros As Dodgers’ Bag The Victory

Later, Kelly said that it was done in the heat of the moment and he doesn’t remember it.

A furious Correa came face to face with the Dodgers pit and another round of dialogues was interchanged between the two sides.

The manager of Astros, Dusty Baker, said that although balls do tend to deviate a little but not repeatedly. Especially when you aim a ball at an opponent’s head, it shows very little sportsmen spirit.

Although Kelly disregarded the whole situation as anything intentional, many people suspect it could be the consequence of the cheating scandal that got exposed in 2017 regarding Astros’ win in the season.

The Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, is convinced that they would have won the 2017 championship had it been not for the immoral conduct of Astros.

Hence, when the Dodgers arrived after a five months gap because of the coronavirus, they were still determined not to forget the injustice done to them.

However, they denounce any claims of having done anything intentionally as it would lessen their chances of fair victory. In his defense, Kelly says that his shots are not always accurate.

The only tension created by Walker Buehler during the match was when he exchanged a few harsh words with Bregman after sending him to the pavilion.

He played well and was able to dismiss 11 out of 12 batsmen he faced but accidentally hurled a slider to Correa.

In the fifth innings, the Dodgers were able to take a lead with five runs.