The US economy is facing one of the worst recessions in its history and the US citizens are hopeful that Biden’s presidency will change the game. Despite the promises made by Biden during his campaign, it will not be an easy job for him to get the country out of trouble.

First of all, this is a global crisis and unless every country has vaccinated its citizens properly – the threat will remain. Secondly, we have just learned that Pfizer is making the vaccination that’s going to help the country. But it is going to take a long time to vaccinate every person in the US – so one can easily estimate that for the vaccine to reach the world, it’s going to take years. And when there’s limited trade globally, then chances for the revival of the economy are very thin.

Moreover, we don’t know as of now who is going to control the Senate. If Republicans get control of the Senate then Biden’s ride in the White House is not going to be smooth. Experts have already predicted that Biden’s presidency will be extremely difficult if Republicans get the Senate – they will block every attempt to change the policies made during the Trump administration.

In case if Democrats get the majority in the Senate, then even in such a situation Biden team will have to face some resistance. Moreover, the Democrat-controlled Senate is going to give the leverage Biden needs to give a boost to the economy but he can’t control the global economy and other variables.

Lastly, even if we consider that everything will be ideal for Biden’s presidency but he will have to undo the damage Trump has done on the foreign relations front. It would be difficult to convince China that all is in the past and Iran may not trust any other US deal anymore. Moreover, walking away from the Paris Accord was a mistake as it made the US appear as a country that has an unstable political environment.