President-elect Joe Biden has a huge responsibility on his shoulders – be it economy, politics, unemployment, or foreign relations. One of the most vital challenges for him is the foreign policy of the country.

American foreign policy is complex as the country maintains diplomatic relations with different countries based on its interests. Its relationship is friendly with some countries and firm with others. With Biden’s new presidency, many countries are looking for a new opportunity to reshape their relationship with America.

However, the main focus of America’s new foreign policy is going to be its relationship with China.

Experts on both sides are still contemplating whether Biden will follow Trump’s footsteps and completely cut off China or will he try to change the relationship between the two countries by taking a different route.

Chinese media have reported that even the Chinese Government is still unsure about America’s new policy towards China.

There is finally a conclusion to all the assumptions. It seems like Biden is willing to sit at the same table and talk to the Chinese. Recently, Biden said that it won’t allow America to distance itself from the world.

It wasn’t possible to flourish by isolating the country. He wrote that the world is a global hub and America needed to fix its relations with the other countries that impacted America the most.

Talking about China, Biden stated his opinion very clearly. He said that America will reshape its relationship with the country and work with the Chinese Government when it’s in the country’s best interest, keeping in mind the citizens as well.

Chinese President had called Joe Biden an old friend, which also shows the cordial relationship that both might share.

While Biden does want to build a relationship with China, he needs to realize that China is the reason why the world is suffering from such a deadly pandemic.